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  • The Idea


    This is where the whole idea began. We wrote a Google Document to sketch the idea and see the big picture forming.

  • The First Commit

    Every journey starts with a first step.

    A simple README file added to start the repository.

  • September 2018

    A month full of tasks

    September 2018 was a busy month for us. We setup our CI/CD pipeline and also:

    • Archtecture defined
    • Menu defined
    • Basic Register and Login working
    • Profile page prototyped
    • Tag Cloud

  • October 2018

    Security first

    October was a month to work on the security system. Several improvements were made on the Register and Login workflows.

  • September 2018

    A really busy month!

    November was awesome for LUDUSTACK. We manage to implement several core systems that are used across the whole platform.

    • Forgot password, password reset, email verification
    • Front page improvements
    • Facebook, Google and Microsoft Authentication
    • Game page prototyped
    • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy added
    • Image Upload
    • Use user image when registering with Facebook
    • AJAX front page
    • Latest games component
    • Counters component
    • Favicons and Manifest
    • Basic localization system implemented with Portuguese (by Daniel Gomes) and Russian by Denis Mokhin)
    • Dynamic taglist on the front page
    • Basic staff roles defined
    • Translation project integration
    • OpenGraph implementated
    • Like/Unlike system
    • Comment system
    • Progressive Web App implemented

  • December 2018

    To close the year.

    In December we implemented a few things needed for the launch day.

    • Language selection
    • Game activity feed
    • Content view and edit
    • Image cropping
    • GDPR cookies warning
    • Facebook sharing
    • Structured data from

  • January 2019

    Happy new year! Let's work!

    We started the year by optimizing the whole platform.

    • Page speed improvements
    • Search Engine Optimization (title, description, sitemap, etc
    • Added Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages added by Kamal Tufekčić
    • German language started by Thorben
    • Featured article system implemented (staff only)
    • Username validation
    • Cache management

  • February 2019

    Some tweaks

    LuduStack is for everyone!

    • Image size descriptions
    • Accessibility improvements
    • Images on CDN

  • March 2019


    The voting system! Users can now:

    • Suggest ideas
    • Vote on other people's ideas
    • Comment on ideas
    • Create your own brainstorm sessions

  • April 2019

    Fast posting

    Like a good social network you can now:

    • Post directly from the front page
    • Add a image to post
    • Post from within your game
    • Game like

  • May 2019

    Game On!

    Climb the LuduStack Ranks to the glory

    • Ranking System
    • Experience Points
    • Badges

  • June 2019

    Social Interaction

    Follow games and users and connect to users to increase your social network!

    • Notifications!
    • Game Follow
    • User Follow
    • User Connection System

  • July 2019

    This or that?

    Polls, preferences and more!

    • Basic Polls - Get opinions from your fellow devs!
    • Better preferences - Now you can change your email, set your phone and more!
    • Two Factor Authentication - Be more safe with this security feature
    • Content post language selection
    • Ranking Page
    • Post new suggestions right from the sidebar
    • Basic search results
    • QR code generation

  • August 2019


    Nothing to see here, keep scrolling!

  • September 2019

    You got the power!

    Must have features!

    • You can now delete your own posts
    • Share your game!
    • Rank Levels page

  • October 2019

    Team up!

    Join forces to make games.

    • Team Management
    • Points Earned notification
    • Brainstorm Ideas status control
    • External Links working on profiles and games
    • Teams can be linked to games
    • Recruitin Teams!
    • #hashtagging

  • December 2019


    Now the whole web rendering is blazing fast!

  • January 2020

    It is time to work! Seriously!

    The job management is here!

    • Create job position
    • List existing positions
    • Apply to positions
    • See who applied to your posted job positions

  • March 2020

    Thank you all!

    We reached the mark of 300 users and 100 games. Thank you all for your love!

    • A Special Thanks page

  • April 2020

    Localize your games!

    The localization tool has arrived!

    • Ask for translation from the community
    • Help others, translating terms to your own language
    • Import and export files
    • Review translations
    • Post game content directly from home
    • Set Game Characteristics

  • June 2020

    New name!

    Now we are called LUDUSTACK! The one stop place for game developers.

  • July 2020

    It is time for sweepstakes!

    You can now run your own giveaways!

    • GDPR compliant
    • Email confirmation
    • Tracked link sharing for more chances to win
    • Daily entries

  • August 2020

    New Ideas!

    Random Game Idea added to the front page to overcome your creative block!

  • September 2020


    The Rate Calculator will help you charge correctly for jobs with your skillset!

  • November 2020

    Open Beta

    At this point, we hope to have a consistent beta tester base so we can polish the platform and fix every possible bug tha shows up.

  • January 2021

    Launch day!

    This is the scheduled launch day. On this day, all the core features will be implemented.