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Who can contribute

Anyone can contribute. Here are some examples of needed expertises:

  • Developers: Coding, refactoring, modeling;
  • Webdesigners: prototyping pages, creating concepts, creating email templates;
  • Visual Artists: Creating placeholders, standard images, icons, etc;
  • Game designers: The gamefication of the system;
  • Translators: Help keep the translations up to date as the system grows (check the translation project);
  • Idea guys: Yes, we need lots of ideas, innovative and humorous
Everyone can contribute since eachone can give ideas on how to promote their own art (code/2D/3D/sound/music) helping the system to become more useful for everyone.

How to contribute

You can visit our Project Page on Azure DevOps to read more and follow the progress and if you decide to join us, send us an email. The code is opensource and is hosted on GitHub, meaning everyone can read and help improve or copy to themselves and maybe launch a better one.

About money

Today the platform is sponsored by the team alone. If you want to contribute you have two options: