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Game Mechanics Video

Game Mechanics Video
Video showing game mechanics, and a few of the different levels and game modes you can play!

Hey all! I've finally decided to fully complete a project (after probably 20+ started projects...), and tried to ensure the scope was small so I could publish it. Adding in proper UI, sound, sound effects, button animations, and the quality of life functions was something I never had the chance to experience, and it was both fun and instructional to learn while developing this game.

I've just finished adding the core game mechanics (classical + infinite mode, as shown in the video), and I was looking for some feedback before adding more levels or new mechanics to the existing suite. There is global leaderboard to the challenge mode so everyone can compete to see who gets the furthest, as well as achievements for completing the stages.

The game is completely free, and the banner ads can be removed using in-game currency (no need to buy anything to remove them). The video is unfortunately darker than the actual game because of my video capture unfortunately.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :) Thanks. One piece I am conscious of is that I need to make a better trailer video for the game (one with key fun gameplay shots, as well as a faster pace), this one is just a short instruction on the base game mechanics to get people to understand how to play!

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