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Legally Addicted is out NOW!

Legally Addicted is out NOW!
Legally Addicted is a totally procedural dungeon-crawler action game, based on an office building with a nicotine addicted almost-hero. No health bar or timer, but anxiety levels and unemployment meter.

In development for 3 years by just 1 guy, it's finally available on
All rights reserved: Ivan Motta / Sensin Experiences
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Game music: Grumble Labs
Video transitions: MrAlexTech
Ending music: Diff'rent Strokes Theme Song
Trailer music: With You (Instrumental) by HaTom
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
Free Download / Stream:
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Key features:
- All levels are procedural, randomly built when it starts.
- Themed skins, traps, pickups, weapons, rooms, enemies... Your old dungeon game, in an office.
- 11 levels, 2 bosses and 5 different enemies.
- Realtime GI (which means light gets rebound even if the levels are runtime built)
- Destructible furniture, all physics based.​
- English and Portuguese (PT-BR) translations.
- Some hidden stuff, including photo mode.

Quick how to play:
ANXIETY: Timed. If you get too anxious, will start to break stuff. You can find coffee, chocolate, soda or medicine to lower your anxiety. If it goes full, you die.
UNEMPLOYMENT: When you break stuff, it rises. You can find lost office papers, pencils, etc to lower it. If it goes full, you get a little crazier...
HOW: Play with keyboard and mouse, all keys are shown on main menu. Basically find the key to open the stairs and get to the exit. The compass will guide you to the current objective.

From the intro:
John Smoke is a nice guy. He just started in a new job, in a big, tall and important company. He wanted to impress his boss, so he spent all day writing reports and didn't have time to smoke a single cigarette. With so much to do, he is now alone and lost in building he knows nothing about. Only you can help John find his way out for a smoke before he loses his mind.