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Content posted on 3/5/2020 4:04:29 PM

Content posted on 3/5/2020

{"ClosingDate":null,"Status":3,"Duration":0,"PositionType":0,"ExperienceLevel":0,"WorkType":19,"Reference":null,"CompanyName":"Wild Life Studios","Remote":false,"Location":"São Paulo/Brazil","Salary":null,"PaymentFrequency":0,"StartDate":null,"Description":"About the Team\r\nWe drive profitable growth for Wildlife by producing creatives to all big advertisement channels in the world, from Facebook and Google to WeChat in China and Yahoo in Japan. There are literally millions of mobile games worldwide and our role is to make sure that all potential users end up playing our games, efficiently. That means we have to: understand what drives users to our games and produce creatives that increase the chance that a user downloads our games.\r\n\r\nAbout the Role\r\nThe Unity Cinematic Developer works at the Marketing Studio together with the Creation and Pre-Production teams, developing videos for the promotion of our games with a focus on performance.\r\n\r\nMore about you\r\nYou are passionate about 3D animation in game\r\nYou are motivated by building up a high-performance creative team\r\nYou are also creative in solving problems and is constantly seeking improvements for processes and solutions\r\nYou have the autonomy to recognize current and new priorities, evaluating the impact of their outcomes in the final result\r\nWhat you’ll do\r\nCollaborate with writers, storyboarders and art directors by creating 3D cinematic videos inside Unity Engine to promote mobile games\r\nParticipate actively in the creative process, contributing to ideas and production solutions for the videos\r\nCollaborate with the team to create tools that increase the effectiveness of the production’s workflow\r\nRecognize and repair 3D models, rigs, UV’s, blendshapes, and textures\r\nWhat you’ll need\r\n3D animation skills\r\nSolid experience in Unity (including Unity’s Director Timeline, Cinemachine and Post Processing Stack)\r\nA good understanding of storytelling and cinematography, with a strong sense of composition and editing skills\r\nIntermediate knowledge of the 3D pipeline (Blender, Maya or 3DMax)\r\nA resume and an online portfolio showcasing your work\r\n \r\n\r\nWe welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build the best gaming company, where everyone thrives.","Language":1,"Origin":2,"Url":","Applicants":null,"Benefits":[{"Benefit":1,"Available":false},{"Benefit":2,"Available":false},{"Benefit":3,"Available":false},{"Benefit":4,"Available":false},{"Benefit":5,"Available":false},{"Benefit":6,"Available":false},{"Benefit":7,"Available":false},{"Benefit":8,"Available":false},{"Benefit":9,"Available":false},{"Benefit":10,"Available":false},{"Benefit":11,"Available":false},{"Benefit":12,"Available":false},{"Benefit":13,"Available":false},{"Benefit":14,"Available":false},{"Benefit":15,"Available":false}],"CurrentUserApplied":false,"ApplicantCount":0,"Title":null,"StatusLocalized":"Aceitando candidatos","ClosingDateText":null,"AuthorPicture":null,"AuthorName":null,"UserContentType":0,"Id":"58d7fe8f-e4e9-4f1e-a4b5-0eb557a9d300","UserId":"0c7e18b2-3682-444d-a62b-30e311e76891","CreateDate":"2020-03-05T16:01:15","LastUpdateDate":null,"CurrentUserLiked":false,"CurrentUserFollowing":false,"Permissions":{"CanEdit":false,"CanDelete":false,"CanPostActivity":false,"CanFollow":false,"CanConnect":false,"IsAdmin":false,"IsMe":false}}