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How much it costs?

How much it costs?
Estimate how much it would cost to freelance some parts of your game!


We are releasing a new tool today, the Cost Calculator. With it you can roughly estimate the cost of hiring freelancers to work on some parts of your game like sprites, characters, levels, songs and much more!

Play around with some values and get a good idea on how much money you need to invest to make your dream project come to life.

That was not the only new feature we published today. We are also changing the user links from the ID of the user to the user handler, which means that a user link like this:

https:// www .ludustack .com/ profile/ 0c7e18b2-3682-444d-a62b-30e311e76891/

Is now this:

https:// www .ludustack .com/ u/ programad/

Pretty cool, huh?

We are also bringing some great improvements in speed of several pages making your experience even better!

Tell us what you think about the new updates!