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Looking for feedback

Looking for feedback
I am looking for feedback and advice for the Android version of this game.

First of all the name, it is leftover from the old art direction (the player models used to be 3D roombas).  Since the game is no longer necessarily about robot vacuums fighting I wanted to come up with a name that better fit the mechanics or the aesthetic.  The 2 top contenders right now are Sumo82 (like the year) and Sumo Spin.  My friends like Sumo Spin more, my wife likes Sumo82 more.  If you have a preference or advice about what would likely do better on Google Play please weigh in :)

The second piece of advice I need is making money on a game like this...  I went into it planning to make it a premium game, selling it for $1.99 with no ad's and no in app purchases.  Free to play seems to get more attention though.. but I really hate ads.. Should I stick with the premium model or insert adds between every couple of rounds of play and add an option to pay to not have ad's?

Finally is the game polished enough?  If you saw this on the app market would you give it a second look?  Do the controls feel good? Is it fun? If this was a free game would you even want to play it with your friends?