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We are now LUDUSTACK

We are now LUDUSTACK
We changed our name but the essence is the same

Hi, you probably reached us by the another name but now we decided to change our name.

After almost 2 years operating under the "INDIEVISIBLE" name, now we are called "LUDUSTACK". The former name was causing a little misconception about the project intentions and some fellow game developers thought that we were a site to promote their games, to make them "more visible". The "visible" part of the former name led them to think that.


Now we are rebranding our website to a more suitable name: "LUDUSTACK" and here is our new logo:



You may already know the "ludus" word in other place like "ludum dare", for example. It means "game". Just as simple as that we decide to add the very trending word "stack" which means "a set of tools to make a software", in this case, a game.

That's it. Now you have a more focused work on helping game developers to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams while we will continue to implement great tools to help you on your journey.


Stay indie, stay focused on your dreams. We will help you fufill them.