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GosperLand Version 0.2 Released!

GosperLand Version 0.2 Released!
0.2 features a UI and terrain overhaul, as well as a bunch of balance tweaks. Check it out at

GosperLand v0.2 changelog:

  • major rebalancing
  • write more complex terrain generator, using layered simplex noise maps instead of a single map
  • certain stands draw from a point bank rather than being allocated and mutated at complete random
  • frame independent timing
  • speed up and slow down buttons added to the UI
  • zoom in and zoom out buttons added to the UI
  • custom font 'DeterminationSans' added
  • add game info pane
  • major UI overhaul
  • loading screen added
  • instructions tweaked
  • planned features list added
  • changelog added
  • sorta add support for mobile (still kinda wonky, and really only works in landscape)
  • website portal page added
  • change all references to "creature" to "gosper"
  • https://gosperland.comdomain name purchased
  • stop holding onto dead gospers, fixing a memory leak issue and improving framerate
  • remove render attempts against gospers and tiles outside of viewport, drastically improving frame rate
  • huge code refactor