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The forums are here!

The forums are here!
Take the game development discussion to the next level.

Hey, everyone!

We want to proudly announce that we are launching our latest feature, the Forums!

I know, I know, this is a “must have” feature for any community and we are little late in the party but here we are, we a brand new forum system, written from scratch for you to use and suggest new features for us to add  to it to make it even more exclusive to the gamedev community.

Our current forum structure is separated in the following groups:

  • General - A place where you can talk about whatever you want, related to gamedev, of course;
  • Knowledge Areas -This will concentrate topics related to some specific knowledge area in game development like game design, code, art or level design;
  • Coding - This is where you discuss the most detailed algorithms and the nuances of specific programming languages;
  • Engines - If you want to know every corner of your favorite Game Engine and share your thoughts with others about it, this is your place;
  • Game Jams - This will be used in a near future when we launch our Game Jam system (stay tuned for $$ prizes!);
  • Off Topic - A place to relax and talk to other stuff not directly related to game development;

Of course, this is just an initial grouping and suggestons to improve that are very much welcome! If you have any suggestion to improve our forums, please use our Brainstorm Functionality.

Our forum system was built with several good stuff from other communities in mind like Facebook Groups, Itch.Io, Game Jolt, Gamasutra,,Stack Overflow, Reddit and others. You will find some very familiar features like the voting system and the ability to reply to some specific post.

There are still a lot to implement and many ideas we want to share with you but for now, we just can't wait to read the stuff you post on our Forums.

Don't waist any more time, go VISIT OUR FORUMS!