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Content posted on 4/23/2019 5:27:36 PM

Content posted on 4/23/2019

Hello devs! My name is Douglas, I'm the sole body, mind & soul behind DougWebGames, I've been studying game design and development seriously since 2015 and have published a few experimental games on Kongregate, on which two of them (Idle Space Miner and Idle Space Miner 2) had relatively good outcomes (10.000 plays each). As a beginner dev, that really sounds to me as a milestone. So I kept studying and developing and recently managed to acquire a Google Play Dev license and published my first Android game, Pidgeourney, which wasn't very successful but still a great experience. Now I'm focusing on completing the Idle Space Miner 2 concept, making a full redesign of everything. Since it's too heavy to work on WebGL I decided to go full PC Master Race and launch it on GameJolt! The previous version is already available for supporters and the new version is almost ready to make it to the website. Unfortunatelly I can't post the preview video in here, but I invite you to check my Instagram Page: , or my Facebook Page: , or even my GameJolt Page if you want to support the development of this amazing project: (the videos there are out of date, but you can subscribe to receive updates).

Anyway, hope you like what I'm building here, the old version is a simple solar system manager, very idling, but the new version is going to be much more detailed and half of the work is already done, including: procedural planetary generation, buildings and upgrades on each planet, more stats and resources, population management, income and consumption of resources, and much more yet to come.

Please feel free to leave any feedback or criticism :)

If you want to know more about my career, other games, courses, knowledge, etc, I often publish more information on my blog: