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v0.21 UI overhaul and first version of darts

v0.21 UI overhaul and first version of darts
UI overhaul and the first version of darts is ready for testing!

Download v0.21 on Google Play!


  • Updated the UIs to use text instead of icons.
  • Added first version of a task list.
  • Added first version of Darts.
  • Made several game features to be unlocked incrementally.
  • Removed main menu and moved it's features to the town view.
  • Simplified the throwable object code, to increase fps.
  • Removed "throw control" and "throw power" from upgrades and made them static, because feedback has shown that the early experience was hindered by those "skills" being bad at the start of the game.
  • Added an makeshift Ad consent, since Unreal Engine doesn't have native blueprint/C++ support for Google consent SDK yet.